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Did you know?


Two out of three students who do not read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up either on welfare or in jail. (


Children in poverty who read proficiently by the end of the third grade have an 89% graduation rate. (


What can you do about it?

You can impact the lives of children, teachers, and families and make a difference in our communities by helping us focus on second-grade reading ability.



By becoming a volunteer and partnering with us, other churches, and Walker County public schools to help boost reading proficiency. 


Do you need to have a background in education?

No. You will need a willing heart and the ability to work with a child on a basic sight-word list. We will provide the training. 


Can I stay informed about A Time 2 Read throughout the school year?


Absolutely!  Just take a look at our A2R Facebook Page.


So, how do I sign up for the training?


Easy!  Take a look at the next section.



Sign up for an A2R personal training TODAY!



In addition to your initial training, all volunteers must complete the HISD volunteer application in order to be on any campus and meet with students.

You can find the volunteer application by clicking the button below.



Because A Time 2 Read has a 501c3 nonprofit status, your donation can receive the tax benefits that go with it.


You have several options when you choose to give, and we would love for you to consider giving on a recurring monthly basis. Thank you in advance for helping support this program!


Contact Us

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I’m so beyond grateful for everything that they do! Since the A2R volunteers have been coming to work with my kids, I’ve noticed not only a huge difference in their sight word recognition (all of my kids who go gained so many new sight words, and almost every single one of them comments how they practice those words in A2R!), but I’ve also noticed a difference in their behavior! They look forward to going! They can tell that they truly care about them. Some of my kids only have their teachers and not anyone else that cares about their success. It’s so encouraging to see growth in so many different ways. Even with the tough ones, don’t be discouraged; what you’re doing is worth it, and it’s working!

-Mrs. Franklin, Scott Johnson Elementary

I have one student that started his 2nd year of being in 2nd grade at only 69 sight words. He now knows 199! I can tell that those words have really started to click for him, which is helping him move on from sounding out words to being able to think more about what he is reading. I have also noticed the relationship he has made with his A time 2 Read partner has been amazing!  He loves when he gets to go play games and read with someone outside of class.  Having a positive role model that cares about reading has been a HUGE deal.  It has helped the students to see that someone besides their teacher is encouraging them to become better readers.

-Mrs. Sinski, Scott Johnson Elementary

I have two students who have made amazing progress with their sight words. One of them has now moved into the "E"(the highest) category for sight words for this 9 weeks grading period. I really do think it's because of the targeted practice when he goes to A2R. I was very impressed with the progress he's made. Not only are they making progress academically, the students LOVE getting to go to A2R. I have a few students who ask me regularly, "When will it be time for me to go to A2R?" They are always so excited to go. The volunteers make them feel loved and are always so kind and supportive. One volunteer even gave a Valentine's card to her A2R student. He told me it was the first card he's ever received!

-Miss Harding, Scott Johnson Elementary

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